Global Advisory

Advisors/Senior Advisors (Global)

We are always looking for bankers (IB, PF, PE, IM), proven to source and execute deals (> USD 50b deal count), with degrees from tier 1 institutions in the UK or the US. We are also interested in individuals who are looking to cash out of their relationships, while maintaining a semi formal advisory status.

Firm Partnership (Global)

We are always looking to partner transactional firms (law, wealth/asset management, engineering, accounting firms) whose transactions can benefit from financial advisory services. We are happy to pay referral which has to be disclosed, and has to be legal. We do not tolerate dual representation.

Send us an email at recruitment AT hghcapital pERIOD com with a CV*, cover letter with a transaction list, with a detailed description of the portfolio (refer to deal submission checklist)  you intend to bring us. All information submitted is strictly confidential. Due to the large volume of correspondence, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

*For firms, pls include the CV of your senior management and your proposed transaction team.